HSE Consulting Services – Edmonton

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JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. has built a reputation in western Canada of a consultancy that works closely with clients to build the appropriate solution to meet the needs of their clients. JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. approaches each unique client situation individually and takes ownership of finding the most efficient, and economical way to reach a resolution.

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Our Services Explained:

Environmental Consulting

The Environmental Services Division services include Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Management Solutions (management of the National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI)), and Professional Services (Peer Review)…. Learn More.

Hazardous Materials Consulting

JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. can provide complete services for the development and implementation of strategies relating to hazardous materials, including Hazardous Materials Assessments, sampling and quantification…. Learn More.

Industrial/Occupational Hygiene

JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. offers industrial hygiene services that help your company provide clean air and a safe work environment for your employees. We will help determine the cause and origin of a wide range of industrial hazards, and make safety recommendations…. Learn More.

Indoor Air Quality

JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. has experts with the ability to investigate, test and correct Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems such as mould, bacteria, chemicals, allergens, asbestos and lead.  If employees or building occupants are complaining of poor air quality or increased illnesses such as colds, flu, asthma, weakness, burning eyes, itching skin, rashes, sore throats, allergies, lethargy, or headaches, then there is a possibility this could be Building Related Disease or Sick Building Syndrome…. Learn More.

WCB Management

JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. has supported our clients through building strong systems in order to manage this important aspect of business. Within a WCB management system there are several key components…. Learn More.


JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. has conducted training for our clients in a wide range of key areas based on the client’s needs…. Learn More.