Phase 3 ESA, Environmental Consulting, Edmonton, Sherwood Park

Phase 3 Environmental Site Assessments

A Phase 3 ESA involves intensive remediation or cleanup of a property primarily through excavation. The primary objective is to investigate migration pathways of contaminants through soil and groundwater and to determine the potential risk to human health and the environment through confirmatory sampling.

Phase 3 Components:

  • Review of the previous site assessments on the property;
  • Development of a Remedial Action Plan (RAP), or site-specific remedial goals (including volume and area of impact, time-frame, costs, physical/chemical limitations, construction requirements, environmental as well as health and safety implications, regulatory approval and public perception);
  • Development of a health and safety plan;
  • Proper disposal and treatment of contaminants on and off property;
  • Regulatory body communication and documentation for site progress; and
  • Preparation of a factual report confirming contaminant removal, treatment and the current status of the site with laboratory data.