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Safety Consulting

Today’s organizations require non-traditional ways to meet their health and safety goals.  JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. recognizes this and has built a strong foundation in designing systems that will complement an organization’s existing business structure.  Key areas that are focused on include:

Gap (Needs) Analysis

A gap (needs) analysis is a complete review of a company’s organization.  Similar to an audit, JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. will review all available documentation, conduct interviews with staff and conduct a thorough observation tour.  However, it does not stop there. JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. reviews each area using various media techniques such as pictures, video and 3-D drawings to illustrate to the client where the company’s strengths lie and where recommendations for improvement are needed.

After completion, a full review is discussed with the client, with a “go forward” action plan in place. Once the needs assessment is completed, the final report will provide a complete description of the training that is required to meet both legislation requirements and the needs of the organization. JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. has often been brought in to support many of our clients through a maintenance contract. This is an excellent way to manage and maintain their health and safety system without hiring a full time safety person. Clients have often told us that we are the extending arms of their organization..

COR Audits

Whether you have a company of two employees or two hundred, JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. can support you in achieving a small or large employer Certificate of Recognition (COR). Currently, JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. works with a number of certifying partners through the Partners in Injury Reduction (PIR) program to support our clients in achieving a COR. A COR offers WCB premium rate discounts to employers who have successfully implemented health, safety and disability management programs and have achieved a COR standard set by their certifying partner.

Currently, a 10% rebate on WCB premiums is paid to first time COR holders, as a minimum return on investment.  In addition, employers are also eligible for the other two measurements in PIR – improving your performance and maintaining industry leadership.  Achieving these two measurements could push the total premium refund to 20%.  In year two of the program the incentive for maintaining a COR reverts to a 5% discount, but participants can still earn up to a maximum rebate of 20% for industry leadership or improved performance.

JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. works with the following certifying partners:

  • Alberta Safety Council
  • Alberta Construction Safety Association
  • Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association
  • Manufacturers’ Health and Safety Association

Hazard Assessments

In Canada, all organizations are required to identify, access and eliminate or control their hazards.  JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. offers a complete hazard assessment process that ensures that all hazards in the workplace are properly captured so that good measures can be put in place to eliminate or control hazards.

System Development

JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. has provided many companies with sound Health and Safety Systems to allow organizations to maximize efficiencies and reduce incidents in the workplace. We also have helped companies develop consistent policies, practices and procedures in compliance with Federal and Provincial regulations.