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WCB Management

Any organization that employs a workforce needs to have a strong WCB management system. JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. has supported our clients through building strong systems in order to manage this important aspect of business. Within a WCB management system there are several key components:

  • Claims Management – All claims need to be managed in order to ensure that the needs of both the organization and the employee are met. This is accomplished the moment that a claim is generated. Prompt reporting to the WCB, managing the claim and early intervention goes a long way towards reducing claims and bringing the employee back to their pre-accident duties sooner.
  • Modified Work – JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. specializes in supporting both the employer and employee in early return to work programs. This is accomplished through building a comprehensive Return-to-Work Program designed to manage the claim. JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. works with respected organizations, such as the Millard Center, to ensure treatment and monitoring is being met.
  • Training – Education in WCB management goes a long way towards understanding how the claim process works and how to better manage your Health and Safety System.  JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. works with the WCB to provide this education to your organization.

Our team has saved our clients thousands of dollars in claim costs which have reduced premiums and provided a healthier and safer work environment.

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